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The Best Pitbull Breeder in the East Coast, West Coast, the Midwest USA and Louisiana

I am Clarence, pitbull breeder and founder of the Big Boy Kennels, inviting you to plunge into the wonderful world of bloodline American pitbull terriers. All pitbull terriers that I breed are healthy, playful, friendly, fit and all for sale for your breeding plans that your family can enjoy as companions. Home is the primary breeding ground where I raise my unique blue pitbull terriers and pitbull bully puppies. I don't strive to breed pitbulls for the sake of having to ride with the trend.

Nor produce them just because they are reaching mainstream popularity that blurs the original idea of their doting role as a protector and friend to most families. I really dote on the fact that they are unique, special and adorable to be with. I am a passionate pitbull breeder and I treat my pitbulls as members of the family, that's why they are well-bred and in good condition when they ready for sale in the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest areas.

At Big Boy Kennels your choice of pitbull terriers and pitbull bully puppies comes in various colors of the genuine bloodlines, but we recommend our bestseller blue pitbull terriers for we strive to breed only pleasant and fit as a fiddle pocket pits without records of veterinary deficiencies when they reach your home.

Quality is what we value at Big Boy Kennels. As one of the leading pitbull breeders in down south Louisiana covering the East Coast, West Coast and Midwest areas, our pitbull terriers and bully puppies possess proper breeding treatment as we want only the best pitbull bully puppies for you to raise into well-built pitbull terriers having robust muscles and bones, short backs, wide chest and other physical qualifications that meet your pet standards.

Our selection of the blue pitbull terriers for sale requires physical pitbull qualities to attract clients looking for quality bloodline pitbulls, among the qualities—as to stand true to our purpose of customer satisfaction—we as breeders care more about are the pitbulls' muscular bodies, short muzzles, compact pits with solid bones, great muscle tone, big block heads achieving a triangular shape, wide chest and for bully puppies to range from 13-16 inches at the withers once full grown.

We also offer competitive prices, but above all, quality is what we observe at Big Boys Kennel.

Come book your orders now and let us know your choice of pitbull terriers as soon as possible! Call us at (337) 515-6705, or you can just email me at BBHBTBBT@YAHOO.COM







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